So this is my first little article on the blog. I started drawing my “XXL-impression” when I was still in Washington and now continued being at home in Berlin. It’s pretty much what I remember or what I first think of when I gather pictures/images in my head about either the United States in general or Washington more particularly. As I already mentionned during our discussion on Pete’s roof terrasse, each of these images can be interpreted in a positve and negative way. Your interpretation! :). Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures because I had left my camera at home, but I’m really looking forward to re-meeting my fellow students and remember this fabulous journey! THANK YOU!


4 responses to “XXL

  1. Dorit, this drawing is amazing! The images capture your XXL idea quite nicely. On reflection, your image also reminds me of a contrast between the two capital cities (or two nations) that I recognized during my visit to Berlin: the smaller-sized coffee beverages in Berlin. Each day I felt as though I could not quite satisfy my craving for a very large and hot coffee beverage. In fact, your drawing, with the large Starbucks coffee cup image, directly points out the wide availability of large coffee beverages here in Washington. I know the coffee point is a small point, but I think it reflects on the larger idea that you put forward and raises some questions. I wonder: Why all of the bigness? Is it necessary? Why so or why not? Are there instances when bigness is appropriate? Do we demand bigness or are we supplied bigness? If we are not supplied bigness, will we demand bigness? If we are supplied bigness, will we choose otherwise? Does bigness reflect upon the people or the providers? Is bigness inseparable from either? Is bigness a problem? (I don’t think my term “bigness” captures all of what your XXL idea is getting at. But I think, at least partially, “bigness” talks to your idea.)

  2. I can’t decide if I am slightly offended by your art. I guess that is what makes good art good;). I hope that your experiences meeting real Americans also gave you the impression that while many Americans “Supersize” everything…we are not ALL loud, drive SUV’s and drink Venti Starbucks. Thanks for the creative expression, very refreshing!!

  3. banditodorito

    Thank you for the comments! I was thinking a lot about whether writing: “Don’t be offended”..! But then I thought that actually many XXL things (not all) that I discovered left a positive impression. For example I found the way of communicating which seemed to me to be more directly very refreshing :). In the matter of the architecture I had first of all that WOW-effect, followed by several reflections afterwards (impressive, but at the same time sometimes scary…). I guess my drawing is very ambivalent.
    I’m also glad that you made me discover another part of american way of life that is certainly not always XXL.
    Bigness…yes, that captures very much my idea. Well, you have to deal with a lot more space, so probably this could be one of the reason why suburbs sprawl and the sprite bottle is 2l (because of the long distance to the supermarket 🙂 ). I don’t know, it’s just an idea…

  4. berlinwashington09

    Hi Dorit,

    I thought your artpiece was interesting, and being non-native American, I too had that impression when I first visited here.
    Over the past 9 years, I have met American native-born persons who aspire to the super-sized lifestyle, but I have also met many who wish for a smaller and greener existence.

    I was also thinking that the “super-sizing” of buildings in a capital city can be a good thing. The capital city supposedly represents the laws of the land, and in a subtle way, the architecture forces citizens to have respect for the laws of the land. Similarly in the design of churches, (Gothic or Romanesque- I can’t remember which one) vaulted ceilings were used in the design to have patrons feel in awe of God, and meek and humbled.

    Just a suggestion…

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